If you are interested in enjoying the results of a highly effective advertising system, here is what the iSeeTV Network can provide to you:
  1. Growth for your business through the delivery of your marketing message to a captive audience from your local community
  2. Repeated brand exposure to an active local demographic
  3. The use of the latest digital technology to present your products and services
  4. Create highly visible and creative designs that are consistent with your brand, identity and business values
  5. The use of movement and colour to catch attention and demand a response from consumers

A targeted marketing channel that is highly cost effective, extremely powerful and very affordable!
There is currently no other communication channel that can deliver the types of visual adverts that we deliver to a local audience. Our network enables you to deliver your marketing message to a quantified customer base in some of the most integral locations in the UK.
Digital advertising allows you to deliver a powerful message that reaches the heart of the local community.

Connect With Your Target Audience
People naturally have a connection with the area in which they live and have grown up. In many cases it is more of a part of their identity rather than simply a place to set up camp. In years of marketing practice, we have discovered that when a business connects with this community spirit it deepens customer loyalty and can preserve your business.

In addition we have also found that the strength of smaller businesses is that they can use local advertising to connect to a wider audience. Their marketing presence also shows a commitment to the area and a desire to serve the needs of the local community.
Local people offer a great deal to small companies and they are an important demographic to serve. By communicating with them in a local location, in a local manner, you can gain yourself a loyal & local customer base.

What Makes Our System So Effective?
Our locations have been carefully handpicked for their effectiveness. A selection of Postal Service Outlets, Medical centres and Leisure Centres. Consider who visits these locations and what they represent.

  1. Every one of these locations offers highly essential and valued services that the community utilise, appreciate and respect.
  2. Each of these locations places an emphasis on community
  3. Each location is recognised as a place of trust by the community

As these are such trusted locations it stands to reason that any message, advertisement or marketing programme will be trusted as well. As a result of this The iSeeTV Network has a fantastic customer response. In addition, we ensure your Advert & message will be played successively multiple times, on a loop. The loop is less than 20 minutes long as it means that individuals can see your message up to 3 times. A key factor in any successful marketing campaign is repetition. Just as we have learned at school that repetition is the key to memorising information, we implement this in our marketing strategy. This guarantees successful retention of your business & services.

Tell Us How You Like It?
  1. You tell us what you need and we will create the ad for you – to the highest creative and visual standards.
  2. Depending on what your message is, your budget and availability, you can select: 10 second advert, 30 second advert, 60 second Advert
  3. Three times a year, your advert can be updated to provide seasonal relevance or to change your message depending on your campaigns and promotions.
How Does it Work? Explained in 5 steps
  1. Appointment booked with potential sponsor

2. Marketing Consultant demonstrates, ascertains Clients requirements and agrees a Marketing Strategy

3. Graphics Team create Clients quality advert

4. Advert is transmitted from Multimedia centre to client for approval

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