The iSeeTV network provides state of the art digital information systems.

Each of the different Venues receives unique customised digital signage systems to benefit your organisation.

Our network and screens make it possible to deliver your information to your customers along with paid advertising. Not only does this enable you to improve your service, but you can reap the benefits of the income from advertising.

Your Package Includes

  1. The Latest Flat Screen HD LED TVs
  2. Professional Digital Media Player
  3. Premium Interactive Content Management Software
  4. Secure Hi Speed Broadband
  5. Live Interactive Messages – Enabling Unlimited Updates
  6. Bespoke, Professionally Produced Content
  7. Expert Installation, Maintenance And Technical Support
  8. All Alterations And Updates Remotely Uploaded Directly Onto Your Screens From Our Broadcast Centre
  9. Extra Income Stream


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