If you’re investigating the prospects of installing the iSeeTV Network in your location, then read on...
If you’re investigating the possibility of installing the ISeeTV Network in your location, then read on.

Our network and screens make it possible to deliver your information to your customers along with paid advertising. Not only does this enable you to improve your service, but you can reap the benefits of the income from advertising.

What are the benefits of the iSeeTV Network?
  1. Communicate with your own customers whilst enjoying a lucrative income from local businesses
  2. A perception by your customers of a more effective and connected service.
  3. The opportunity to gain another income with no effect on your normal business activities.
  4. Fully automated operation. The system will switch itself on at the beginning of your business hours, and switch itself off when the day is over.
  5. A value added service. We will find the advertisers for you, create the adverts and your communication messages. No extra work for you
  6. The means to deliver high quality information to your local community.

The iSeeTV Network is a very impressive yet modest digital signage system in the centre of your premises. The latest HD LED flat screen TV complete with a digital system. It even turns itself on and off to match your opening hours.

The Digital signage system is not just a medium for advertisements, it can be used to deliver essential information about your centre to your community whether it’s a new service, forthcoming events or educational material. The rest of the time the screen can make money for you by advertising local businesses.

Aside from boosting your image the screen will improve your connection with the local community and show your support for local initiatives.

By installing The ISeeTV Network’s digital screens you will be showing your part in leading technology

  1. It shows your commitment to providing the best possible service to your customers
  2. It provides a visual stimulant and entertainment to your customers
A reliable income channel
The ISeeTV Network can add value to your organisation by providing an additional resource. Without the screen the empty space in your premises would not be used for anything other than hanging a picture frame.

  1. You will receive a reliable income source – a percentage of all revenue earned
  2. Displaying messages from our sponsored advertisers generates revenue
  3. The adverts are contemporary and professional as they are created by our creative and technical teams
Here's how it works?
  1. We will install state of the art HD LED screen and digital information system in your premises for FREE
  2. We develop the advertisements for local advertisers that will be shown on your screen
  3. The programme repeats on a regular loop and will run all day.
  4. The screen turns itself on and off so you won’t have to get involved with it at all.
  5. You will receive a regular commission payment based on what we have collected from advertising.
  6. Advertisers are allowed to change their artwork 4 times a year, so your visitors won’t get bored.
  7. You have three minutes of content time during each loop for you to communicate your own messages about your business, products and services.
  8. You can enjoy being seen as a business who likes to communicate and connect with the community.

All of this is for FREE

How Does it Work? Explained in 5 Steps
  1. Media team provide management with information or arrange a presentation

2. Marketing Consultant contacts local businesses for sponsorship

3. Venue coordinator advises of installation process

4. Graphics department produce your preferred content & adverts

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